Canine Physiotherapy
Common areas of pain in the dog

What conditions can benefit from physiotherapy?

– Osteoarthritis

– Cranial cruciate ligament disease

– Hip dysplasia

– Elbow dysplasia

– Spinal conditions (Intervertebral Disc Disease, etc.)

– Patella luxation

– Hyper mobile joints

– Nerve injury

– Fractures

– Neurological conditions

– Soft tissue injuries to muscle/ tendons/ ligaments

– Fatigue/ muscle wastage

– Chronic and acute pain

Common areas of injury and disease in the dog

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What are the common signs that my dog may be showing pain and may benefit from physiotherapy?

Decreased Activity

– Reluctance to walk/go up and down stairs/jump in and out cars

–  Slowing down

Change in movement

– Stiffness / difficulty standing after lying down

– Lameness

– Altered gait

– Aggression / off colour
– Avoiding contact
– Reluctance to be groomed/ touched
– Lack of enthusiasm for play/ walks

Behavioural changes
Over grooming the painful area

– Swelling/Inflammation of affected area
– Obsessive licking

– Cannot relax

– Excessive pacing