What conditions can benefit from physiotherapy?

– Osteoarthritis
– Spinal conditions (Kissing Spine – conservative management or pre/post surgery)
– Locking patella
– Fractures
– Neurological conditions/nerve injuries
–Soft tissue injuries to muscle/ tendons/ ligaments
– Fatigue/ muscle wastage
– Chronic and acute pain
– Sacroiliac issues (SI)
– Back soreness (Cold backed)
– Poor performance
– Neck and poll pain/ tightness

Common areas of injury and disease in the horse

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What are the common signs that my horse may be showing pain and may benefit from physiotherapy?

Decreased Activity

– Reluctance or difficulty in transitions

– Stopping at fences

– Slowing down /  feels heavy on the reign

Change in movement

– Stiffness / difficulty in bending /toe dragging

– Lameness – intermittent depending on day

– Altered gait

– Cannot or refuses to stand square


– Aggression / off colour

– Avoiding contact

– Reluctance to be groomed / touched

– Rushing / napping / bucking

– Head shaking

Behavioural changes
Change in condition

– Swelling/Inflammation of affected area

– Muscle wastage

– Chronic fatigue / tires quickly

– Lack of topline


– Cannot relax

– Excessive pacing