Stable Gait veterinary physiotherapy offers services to both equine and canine clients, as well as small animals. 

From carriage driving and dressage, to flat racing and eventing, if your horse needs physiotherapy I am here to help! 

Similarly from agility and greyhound racing to service dogs and your loving family pet, all dogs are welcome and can benefit from physiotherapy!

Equine Physiotherapy
Equine Physiotherapy
Equine Physiotherapy

Initial Assessment and Management Advice

A thorough assessment of the animal, will allow me to highlight key areas to work on.


Additional advice on therapeutic handling of your injured animal will be provided as well as how make adaptations to your animal's home environment and general management in order to assist in their rehabilitation.


Manual Therapies

During our session I will choose the appropriate course of hands on treatment from a wide variety of different massage and soft tissue techniques, and myofascial release.


Massage helps to relieve muscular tension or soreness as well as stimulating soft tissues to help encourage blood flow and effective waste removal. Joint mobilisations or manipulations, and stretches are used to increase suppleness, and joint health and stability.


Electrotherapies and Thermotherapies

The use of therapeutic machines such as pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, TENS, and electrical muscle stimulation, are all safe and effective methods of treatment to aid in tissue repair, soft tissue and joint pain relief, and increasing cellular activity within the body.


Thermotherapies include cold and heat therapy, to  reduce inflammation or increase blood flow, for tissue repair. These may be applied to your animal to support and optimise the bodies response to manual treatment.



Remedial Exercise Programmes are designed to help and encourage correct movement patterns and improve muscle strength, balance and stability.


A home exercise programme will be tailored to the individuals needs and demonstrated to you so you fully understand.


Completing the plan between sessions will achieve the best results!