What to Expect

Before a Consultation

​To ensure our time is spent efficiently during our assessment and treatment I kindly ask that the following is carried out prior to my visit:

–  Completed referral form from your Veterinary Surgeon

​–  Allow 1.5-2 hours for an initial assessment and 1 hour for follow up sessions

–  The animal receiving treatment is clean and dry

–  The owner or responsible person must be present and happy to handle their animal

–  Exercise may be restricted following the session; however this will be discussed with you on the day.

–  Horses are brought in prior the session 


Exercise Plan

A tailored home exercise plan will be created for your animal. All of the given  exercises will be demonstrated and practiced with you prior to me leaving. 


If any difficulties are found before our next meeting, then please feel free to call and we can make the necessary adaptations.


Client History

A thorough history of your animal will be taken to compliment the clinical history given to me by your Veterinary Surgeon.

Here we will discuss the current condition as well as any previous conditions, home environment, exercise levels and nutrition. 

This enables me to build an entire picture of your animals' case and allows me to provide the correct treatment for the individual.


Palpation and Range of Motion

Following the gait analysis, I will use my hands to asses the condition of the tissues and joints.



This allows identification of areas of pain, inflammation, changes in muscle state, altered range of motion and tissue imbalances. 


Gait Analysis

I will conduct a gait analysis of your animal. Here I will need either yourself or a friend to handle the animal and carry out both walk and trot 2-3 times. This is so I can analyse how the individual moves.


Most importantly I can identify lameness or problematic areas, which need attention. I may ask you to perform gait analysis on various surfaces or gradients.


Follow Up Sessions

Following an initial consultation and treatment, subsequent sessions will be slightly shorter. I will carry out a full assessment of your animal each time, to measure progression, however treatment will be targeted to the main problem areas.


A home exercise plan may be altered and increased if necessary.  



Once a full assessment has taken place, I will discuss with you treatment aims and carry out the necessary treatment for that session.


I will use a variation of techniques and modalities to treat, and this may vary from session to session.